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“The Cabins at Copperhill” Rental Agreement When you make a reservation at “The Cabins at Copperhill” you are agreeing to the following terms. AGE: We require that you be at least 25 years old and responsible to rent our cabins. We reserve the right to refuse to rent to anyone who we deem to be “not responsible” or when there is a situation that seems questionable. We do make exceptions occasionally, especially for honeymoons and anniversaries. Please inquire for additional info. PARTY POLICY: We do not allow parties of any kind unless we have been expressly advised and have given written permission. We reserve the right to and will require everyone to leave the property without notice or refund for having a party that has not had prior written approval. PAYMENTS: Varies by booking channel CANCELLATIONS: We allow a 50% refund for cancellations more than 14 days before check-in date and a 100% refund for cancellations more than 30 days before check-in date. CHECK-IN TIME IS AFTER 3 PM and BEFORE 8 PM. If a later check-in is required, please contact the owners and arrange for a late check-in. CHECK-OUT TIME IS BEFORE 11 AM: The check-out time is carved in stone! There will be a late check out charge of $75 for anyone checking out after 11 am. Please check out on time. The cleaners need to have the tent vacant when they arrive. SMOKING: There is a strict no smoking rule inside of the tents! You may smoke outdoors, please safely dispose of and extinguish smoking material. Please use the provided ash buckets for smoking material. Smoking inside the tents is considered abuse and you will be billed for a complete cleaning and deodorizing of the cabin – minimum charge is $300. PETS: We are pet-friendly. • All pets must be approved before making a reservation and additional pet fee of $75, for two well-behaved pets. • Pets must not be left alone or unsupervised inside of the tents. There is a local doggy-day-care that can watch your pets in the event that they cannot tag along with you. • Pets that chew, bark, claw, bite or who are not trained are not allowed. • If your pet does any damage to the home or the furnishings you will be charged an excessive damage fee based on the amount of damage caused. • Please be responsible and pick up after your pet. VISITORS: Non-paying guests are not allowed unless permission is granted. This means if you have family in the area and would like to have them come over and visit you at the tent, you need to let us know. If you’re planning an event and have guests staying in the area that will be visiting the cabin you need to let us know in advance. Tents are set up for as many guests as they are advertised to sleep. ABUSING PROPERTY: We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the property without notice or refund for any kind of abuse to the property. Abusing property is not allowed and we reserve the right to bill your account for repairs caused by abuse outside of normal wear and tear. WATER: The tents do not have running water. There is a bathhouse near the tents with running water, however potable water must be brought in to the tents. We do not supply drinking water inside of the tents. Our water in the cabin comes from a spring located on the property. The water is periodically tested for your safety. ALCOHOL: Wine and beer can be purchased locally at select locations. Liquor can be purchased in Ellijay, GA or Murphy, NC. Please inquire for specific locations and addresses. CLEANING CHARGES: The cleaning fee is based on the average time required to ready the property for the next guest. We reserve the right to charge your account for additional cleaning time. To avoid additional cleaning charges please leave the cabin in a reasonable condition! TOWELS: There are freshly laundered bath towels inside each tent for your use. Additional towels are on the shelves in the bathhouses or available to you upon request. Please place all used/dirty towels in the basket inside the bathhouses upon check-out. COOKING UTENSILS: Cooking utensils and dishes are not provided in the Glamping Tents. There is a microwave, coffee maker and grill for your use. You will need to bring your own plates, cutlery, cups, coffee, potable water, etc. There is a list of local grocery stores with their addresses that can be provided upon request. AIR CONDITIONER: There is a small A/C unit in each tent. This unit can be used as a fan, air conditioner or heater. Instructions for use are in the manual inside each tent. FIRE PIT: Please use caution when having a fire. Fire should never be left unattended and please be aware that high winds can develop at any time day or night. Be sure to extinguish all fires thoroughly. There is a sand bucket next to the fire pit. Please douse the fire when finished and ensure that all burning embers are extinguished. If you start a forest fire or burn a building down, you will be held responsible! There is a stack of wood appropriate for use in the fire pit. It is stacked behind the firepit. Please only use wood form this woodpile for the fire pit. FIREWORKS OR FIREARMS: Shooting fireworks or firearms is strictly prohibited! PEST CONTROL: Welcome to the mountains. We do our best to keep pets out of the tents, but there is no guarantee that some will not find their way in! Please do your part and keep bug screen closed to keep unwanted pests out of the tent. INSECTS ARE A FACT OF LIFE IN THE MOUNTAINS. WILDLIFE: We do have wild animals in the mountains and woods around the cabin. Please do not leave any trash or food outside of the cabins or in your car. Please be sure to keep the car windows up. Do not feed the wild animals or birds. TRASH: There is a small trash can in the tent for your daily use. Please do not leave food or trash bags containing food unsecured outdoors (there are wild animals in the mountains!). There is an outdoor trash bin for your use. Please put your trash bags in that bin and secure the lid. New trashcan liners are in the bottom of your trash can. THANK YOU! YOUR RESPECT AND COOPERATION IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Glamping at Copperhill - The Miner
United States of America, TN, Copperhill, 37317
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