The Most Adorable Welcome Dog In Tennessee

Rona showed up as an 8-week-old puppy on the same day that Covid was announced as a pandemic. We weren’t looking for another dog at the time, but she was just so darn cute. So, we told her she could stay, but her name was to be Corona. She seemed fine with it. Over time, it’s been shortened to Rona.

Since day 1, Rona has been on the job welcoming guests, generally before we can get to them. You’ll know her when you see her as she usually is wearing her uniform (a harness that reads, Rona – “The Welcome Dog”. But be warned, she will come into your cabin or tent. After all, she does kind of own them since she’s in the will. It’s only fair since she provides us with a tax write-off. No joke……..Rona’s a mascot!!

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The Welcome Dog July 18, 2023